2019 is here, and so are a lot of newbie start-ups. So just be careful who you choose.

So again, it has been a bit since I posted my last blog.  We have been very blessed to have the great clients we have had for 2 decades as well as all the new clients just from 2018. We now have over 4800 clients who use us and refuse to use anyone else because they have been burned by pretty much every other cleaning company. What I do not understand is, how some of them are still in business and then I came to the conclusion that those burn and turn cleaning companies spend as much in advertising as John Morgan does. And 20 years as a business owner I have learned one simple fact. Those who advertise the most have the least amount of repeat business and do mediocre work with the only goal of sell it, clean it, collect payment and ignore the concerns or complaints, I know almost all of them but I will not be the one to call them out. So they have to keep on putting out ads to keep business rolling in. We have not advertised in nearly 8 years. Not 1 dime spent on it. We get so many referrals from so many people, businesses, several roofing companies, even a few other cleaning companies like ours refer us to do jobs that are beyond their capability or they do not do roofs. We are “THE” company that does not leave you hanging, we are always transparent, we never lie or deceive to get a sale ever… nor will we ever. If a consumer does not like our price or chooses another company then that is their right. Never have I called and pushed one person in 20 years, no reason to. I cannot stand a pushy salesperson and don’t care much for solicitors. So I treat everyone the way I prefer to be treated. A lot of times, they call us next go round anyways because the last company left a disaster or broke all the promises they made to get the job in the first place. It is so common, especially in an unregulated easy to start but hard to stay in “business” business like roof cleaning and pressure washing to get a so called “professional” who has been doing it for a few months or even weeks at your home for you to only find out that they have absolutely no clue what they are doing. I see them every day come and go. They get in and poof they are gone with a trail of destruction left in their path, ruining for the ones who have been here and that really know what they are doing. Most common cause, it is always the price. Not everyone goes with the lowest, those people understand fully: you get what you pay for!

Do not get me wrong, the goal in any business is to make it profitable and make a living with it. However, I was taught by father a General Contractor and Co-Founder of CMS (Computerized Monitoring Systems) a sub station for monitoring security systems in Longwood, longtime family friend Glenn Brazier (former CEO and founder of C&A systems) an alarm company and my Uncle Rick who is the Founder and CEO of St.Worth Container Corporation in Ontario California of over 37 years. This is what they told me and what I base my business ethic off of. If you are in business to just make money you have already set your self up for failure and most likely a lot of headache and legal troubles. Look at some of the biggest schemes in our modern day. Enron, Samuel Israel, Marc Dreier, Kenneth Lay, Scott Rothstein, Tom Petters, Bernie Ebbers and most infamous Madoff. Those may be huge examples but when you run a business and greed becomes your creed then it is over before it began and maybe they have remorse but I doubt it. There are so many small businesses who deceive the consumers by telling them one thing and delivering another, getting the payment… then… getting the call to come fix the issues but no response. A lot of them are just a few hundred dollars and people will dismiss it and move on, but on jobs that involve a lot more capital. Well that is where all the stress and legal stuff starts that could have been avoided by due diligence and reading the fine print.

In the roof and exterior cleaning industry there has been in the last I would safely say 10 years, tons of misleading and deceiving information and products. The most pushed is how bleach based cleaning is not good and does not work as well as it kills all your plants and destroys roofs and other surfaces, yet since it’s discovery in 1774 and its recognition as an element in 1808 and in 1910 it became a commercially and widely used biodegradable cleaning product. To this day it is still used to clean, disinfect and sanitize all over the world. Can it kill plants? Yes, if it is applied or used by someone with little to no experience. You will know who those are, the tell tale signs are usually ones that first pull out rolls of plastic and tarps to cover plants even with a ground guy. The problem with plastic covering all your landscape is the minute it is put on the clock starts ticking on the heat and suffocation of those plants and worse it gives the guys who are cleaning a false sense of security so they put down less water and they do not rinse the roofs off thoroughly or even rinse them at all. In 1998 I stopped covering plants and what do ya know!! No more damages, I am not saying I have not had a few over the years but I can say plastic would have not prevented it from happening. French drained gutters that lead to nowhere anyone knows, plants that are near death before we got there and one time we were in the middle of a cleaning job and the areas water pressure shut off due to a busted water main. There are thousands of scenarios and I know them all by instinct from the decades of experience and the thousands of roofs I have cleaned, I have done it all, seen it all and there is nothing out there that I cannot do. I do not even know a roof cleaner out there that can even compare to what I know and do. I have been told by so many that I am the best they have ever seen, I have had articles written on me and have been awarded from corporations, municipalities, cities and other sources for the work I have preformed for them over the years without the slightest issue.

So, back to the promise breakers and cleaning fakers. There are so many WOM products out there. WOM is short for waste of money, stuff you hear on the radio ads, or in infomercials or on some new cleaning company that is “ECO FRIENDLY” when in reality they are eco friendly because all they use is either cold or hot water which factually cleans nothing. I mean do you clean a car without soap? Laundry with just water? Dishes with no detergent? Oh boy! Shower with no soap? C’mon, if you by into the guys who only use hot water then you might as well give the money away and have them do nothing at all because in a few weeks or at best months it will all be worse than it was before. Then there are the Roof A Cide or Roof B Clean jokers out there spraying what they call safe but realistically a toxic, carcinogenic, no smell poison called copper sulfate. Look it up. It bioaccumulates and causes cancer in people and lab rats. To top it off, it does not kill the mildew so it has to be blasted off with high pressure to get a clean result. So your roof is now pitted and destroyed and you have a toxic chemical that is in your yard indefinitely. I tried it before, I have tried every single new product that has come out and none of them worked to safely, without using damaging amounts of pressure to get results that were not even acceptable to even the shadiest contractor. If there was a new product out there that worked as good as sodium hypochlorite then I would use it, but why change to something when what we have been using works perfectly and when used by the right contractor you will not get damaged plants or paint or any kind of mess left behind.

When you are looking to hire a company to clean your property, use a company that has a true good reputation and if someone refers us to you or refers any company to you then use them and STOP SHOPPING AROUND for the best price. You will save yourself A LOT of headache and trouble by not trying to save a few bucks. Look up the business on Sunbiz.org to see just how old the company is, and if you cannot find them there then avoid using them. They are not even legally allowed to work as a business.

If you are into using someone that knows exactly what they are doing, someone who is transparent with everything, someone who actually will take care of you in the event that a mistake is made and quickly call Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. 407-951-3634 or visit us at http://www.tropicalroofandexterior.com

I know it may have been a bit of a rant, but I am tired of hearing about so many home and business owners getting burned by what it seems to be like every single other company out there. Start taking pride in your work and step up your work ethic guys, I can’t clean every single house out there.

Thanks for reading my ranty post!

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Paver Driveways and Paver Pool Decks: Before you sign the contract, consider this.

Over the past decade paver driveways and paver pool decks have become pretty popular. Especially on custom homes and many new subdivisions, making them standard for driveways opposed to concrete. A lot of homeowners see other homes with them, they look fancy and are relatively affordable and decide to get them to replace concrete.

They are great looking and make an average looking home stand out, or a standard pool area look like a vacation oasis. They have many different colors, patterns and designs and are a good substitute for concrete. But! They are very high maintenance. Unlike a concrete driveway that has 2 or 3 joints on average, pavers have hundreds if not thousands of joints depending on the size of the driveway. Those joints create a hot bed for weeds and for heavy mold to build up in a rope like fashion, as we like to refer to the mold as rope.

Concrete driveways and paver driveways will at one point need to be cleaned. The price difference for a standard concrete vs a paver driveway can vary from a 25% to a 50% difference in cost. The pavers are always going to cost more to clean them because they are more time consuming, depending on the extent of weeds in between the pavers and how much mold rope is in the joints. A standard surface cleaner running off of a 6000 psi machine cannot even get all the weeds out and hand picking them is the only option after the wash is completed. Chemically cleaning them, aka softwashing will get the pavers clean just as good but you will still have to do some hand picking as well. The softwash will kill all the mold, mildew and algae, it will also soften up certain weeds and dissolve them for an easy rinse and will last 10 times longer than pressure washing. Using a pressure washer with a wand and a turbo nozzle, fan tip or orbital on pavers will also clean them, but it will blow all the joint sand out creating deeper crevices for pollen, dirt and other debris to settle in the cracks creating the perfect growing grounds for weeds and mold, not to mention that high pressure also pits and fades the pavers as well as the cleaning will only last a few months at best as water is usually the only thing used. Without a cleaning solution containing bleach and algaecide applied afterwards the mold spore is still there, it will in a short time grow back thicker and darker and after repeated cleanings using high pressure techniques it will literally destroy the top layer of pavers to the point that there is nothing that can be done to restore them except for a complete demo and installation of new pavers.

Weather, UV rays and heavy rain by itself will cause erosion, factor in mildew breaking down the material they are made of and you will more than likely regret getting them a year or two later. See, paver stones look good when they are brand new, shiny and solid. They almost look indestructible. Pavers are actually made out of concrete that has a pigment color added during the production of them, some are of very high quality while majority are not.

There are products and techniques out there that will preserve them and there are companies who specialize in paver restoration, sanding and sealing. But just like the roof cleaning and pressure washing industry, paver sealing is unregulated and anyone with a pump sprayer and a can of Thompsons water sealer can seal pavers, but only a handful can and will do it the correct way. There are a lot of clowns, jacks of all trades, handymen out there that will give you a great price and do the job, the first few months, weeks or even days after they may look perfect. Then the white spots show up, the sealer fades or starts peeling or chipping off and the guy who promised you the same results as the guy with the higher price and knowhow is no longer in business or they just ignore your concerns and calls. I see it all the time and hear about it from my customers who decided the guy I referred was too high in price and went with the lowest bid only to have to now pay to have the guy I referred originally to strip, resand and reseal the pavers all over again to get the results they were looking for saving absolutely no money.

Another problem with paver driveways, walkways and pool decks. They are not all built or installed correctly. The coping always shifts due to foot or vehicle traffic, water erosion, poor installation. Dips and low spots start showing up in areas all over, causing standing water to collect and trip hazards. It is caused by poor grading. The ones who are actually installing the pavers are 9 out of 10 just employees getting 10 to 15 per hour by bosses or owners pushing them to be fast so they can move on to the next job and they can care less about the long term quality of the install, that the owner expects them to do so when looking for a company who installs pavers make sure you do your research first.

So what is there to consider before getting pretty pavers: First, the cost of having them cleaned annually because of how porous they are they will get moldy once a year, especially if they are not properly sealed. Second, having them sanded and sealed every 2 years, no matter how good of a job or the quality of the products used they will always need to be stripped, new joint sand put in and new sealer applied. Third, repairs are inevitable with pavers, they separate, get low spots, break, get up rooted by tree roots and many other issues will arise. Fourth, all the weeds and mold in the joints will always be a player when you have pavers.

Simply put, if you want to spend lets say on an average sized pool deck or 4 car driveway 300.00 per year cleaning them if done properly, 2500.00 every 2 years to have them refinished if done properly, 500.00 in repairs done every 5 years if done properly you are looking at spending roughly 1650.00 average per year just to have a paver driveway after the cost of installation. If you have the desire and you do not mind spending money on a parking pad, pavers are the right thing for you. They are beautiful and nice to have, but just like anything nice and to keep it nice is going to mean paying to maintain them.

As for the same sized driveway made of concrete or pool deck with texture and cool deck coating. Annual cost to clean, around 150.00 to 175.00, no high pressure required just a treat and rinse, no sanding or sealing required and sealing is not recommended for concrete surfaces as it will in time make the surface look blotchy and it will be slippery if it is wet. Repairs are usually only if tree roots bust through or push up on the slab. And if you ask me, I think concrete looks ways better as long as it is kept clean and pool decks look better with a textured cool deck. No weeds, no mold rope very low maintenance, no brainer if you want to save money or are on a budget.

Two great alternatives I have seen over the years and I always recommend to my clients over concrete pavers is one, stamped concrete. It has the classy pattern look, you can tough coat them any color and there are no joints for weeds and mold to grow, plus they are very low maintenance. The other is real travertine, get the kind that is smooth and not rough or very pitted. Make sure they underlay it and grade it properly if not doing veneer over an existing slab or deck.

I clean around 100 or more paver driveways and pool decks a year alone, majority of my clients always say they regret getting pavers and a few have even had the pavers taken out and went back to traditional cool deck pool decks or concrete driveways. They all pretty much said that they were tired of dealing with them. Hence the nickname for pavers “stones of regret”.

Hope this helps you if you are planning of getting pavers, not all companies who install them do shoddy work and pavers can and will add curb appeal and value to your home as long as they are kept maintained and installed properly.

Thanks for reading!


Skylight cleaning, why some roof cleaning companies do not clean them?

I notice a lot of things, I am very observant when looking around while working whether I am driving or up on a roof. I have noticed several times that the roof next door was cleaned, no big deal. Except the skylights are still black and moldy. You have to be kidding right? No I am not kidding. That is just a lazy slacker move from some hack.

If I am on a roof and the skylights are up there, which they will be if the home has them then it is part of the roof cleaning, just like the fascia or drip edge. They are part of the roof system and should be cleaned along with the roofing material.

When hiring a roof cleaning contractor and you have skylights, ask them if they clean them, or just have them clean them. It adds no extra time to the job and makes for a beautiful finish. The reason I think some guys do not clean them, is that they don’t rinse the roof off. If you spray chemical on the glass and leave it, it leaves a white salty sparkly haze. The over spray gets on the skylights and the mildew hides it from the inside so you the homeowner are none the wiser. If they had to rinse the skylights then that means they would have to do the whole section of roof that the skylight is on. What happens if they rinse just a section? It will leave a clearly visible area that does not have chemical residue and will look different from the rest of the field until it rains and these guys want to get the check and head out after going over the roof with the homeowner post inspection.

So just food for thought, if you have them. Make them clean them while they are up there and remember, always rinse the roof or it is not a roof cleaning it is then just a chemical application.

One thing I want to add to this blog, I am going to post 2 photos below. These are the biggest DO NOT LET ANYONE DO to your roof scenes. Surface cleaners are for driveways and sidewalks not roofs and high pressure wand fan tips are for…. well nothing. They are obsolete with the technology and products we have available today. Softwashing roofs is the only way and the right way. One guy has a rain suit on, no boots and slowly removing half the granules and ended the life of that shingle roof. The other is wearing shorts, tennis shoes and taking off the top layer of color and coating and pitting the tile roof for an even faster and more dense mildew regrowth and causing water intrusion. If you see this, DO NOT HIRE or you will be paying for costly repairs or a new roof.

Thanks for reading!


check out my website at roof cleaning, roof cleaning orlando, florida roof cleaning, orlando pressure washing, orlando pressure cleaning http://www.tropicalroofandexterior.com for more information


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Why is covering landscape with plastic more damaging than not covering?

I was thinking the other day I forgot a very important topic, it has actually been lingering in my head for the past 5 or 6 years to write this. Well, tonight I will give you a clear and thorough explaination why covering landscape with plastic causes more damage than you may think.

If you know me, you know I clean A LOT of roofs, around 600 residential roofs a year on average myself with my full time helper. Every single day I pull my rig out, there are at least 2 or 3 or more roofs scheduled. Big, small, pitchy, flat, covered in piles of leaves, some are mild, some are not even moldy at all and some…. well some are so black that we try and guess the original color before I spray it. Roof cleaning is second nature to me, there is not a roof I cannot clean, I actually have roof cleaning contractors contact me from all over the globe for advise. They see me on forums, and hear about my simplistic system and technique. 10k sqft barrel tile roof, 2 hours max. Others 2 days!! I have it down to an absolute science without a doubt.

Well, back to the topic. Of those 600 roofs per year, I have maybe 1 or 2 plant issues and these issues are almost every single time unavoidable no matter what. Like for instance, French drained gutter systems on a 8 to 10 thousand sqft tile roof that all collect in 1 area at the roots of a hedgeline or in the middle of the yard of St. Augustine grass during a dry period without adequet rain. There is the home with horrible water pressure and weak neglected landscape, the shrubs that were already dead before we got there (I take photos of all of it for my records before I even mix my tanks) or one of my favorites – THE ROOF NEXT DOOR GETS CLEANED AND THOSE GUYS KILLED BOTH HOMES PLANTS. Yes, it has happened and I was able to prove and explain and win my side of the issue. Well, to say that I have not used 1 inch of plastic to cover plants since 2001 after using plastic for 3 years before with nearly zero plant damages that is the honest truth. I use plastic for a few reasons, mostly to protect coi ponds or stained wood and that is pretty much it.

Why do I not use plastic then? Prior to 2001 when safe non pressure roof cleaning was becoming the new thing and pressure washing roofs was proven to be highly damaging to all roof types. The chemical was known to burn or even kill plants and grass, so the best solution at the time was simple, buy rolls of plastic and cover everything up that should solve it, right? Well, not exactly. I was still getting plant damages, actually more plant damages than before. So, we tried using fertilizers, plant enhancers, miracle grow yada yada yada….. Still same issues, I was about to jump ship and do something else for a living, I hate complaints and confrontation. I really hated paying for and replacing all those plants and areas of grass too.

Revelation!! or my oh my gosh moment.. Sometime in 2001 right after 9/11 I was cleaning a tile roof in the Longwood Markham Woods area close to home. It was around December and the air temp was in the 60’s sunny and a light breeze. As I was finishing up, my helper and I were doing our usual rinsing off the plastic and pulling it off the landscape. One row of azeleas was the moment, as I pulled off the plastic I felt this burst of humid heat hit me in the face like opening an oven. Remember it is 60 out and for Florida, that is a cool crisp day, but under that plastic is had to be 120 to 140 degrees maybe. Then I thought, you know, I am going to come back later and look at these plants. Two days go by and I go back to that house and drive by, the whole shrub line was smoked, not a single green leaf. All the leaves were brown from top to bottom front to back. That is when it hit me, covering the landscape with plastic is the culprit. I knew in my heart it was. So the following week after that I decided to not cover anymore, I put down more water and rinsed 6 feet up the roof on roofs without gutters and plants in the direct drip line. Just like that, no more plant damages or atleast 90% of the time no damages. The company I worked for insisted I still need to cover plants, I of course didn’t listen. But! I had successfully become the only tech out of them all with no plant damage and 3 consecutive employee of the years were mine before I went off and took the jump to start my own business.

I always get asked if I cover plants, I just simply say no and I explain why. After I clean their roof and they see no damages to anything the words spreads fast and I get whole neighborhoods on lockdown.

BELOW IS A BIG NO NO!! This is the way you cook plants.


Now, why does plastic kill plants? Simple, it cooks them and it gives the cleaning techs a false sense of security. The reason it cooks or suffocates them is because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes in the Florida sun even if it is 50 degrees outside to make the temperature under the plastic to double or even triple. Plants have to breathe too, just imagine if you were wrapped in plastic but you still could breathe and it was sunny and 50 degrees outside. You know you will start sweating within a minute or two and after 10 you will probably be close to passing out if you have not already and someone is doing chest compressions on you. Plants, they are living organisms too. Greenhouse effect on them is no good.

Over the years I have found out these tips and tricks that work. First, don’t spray hot mixes you don’t need to no matter how black the roof is. Some roof cleaning guys think that it works faster, it doesn’t. The hotter the mix the faster it dries up and cannot dwell long enough to effectively kill the mildew and it takes more to dilute. The lighter but not too light works better, too light you will be there all day cleaning 1 roof chasing brown spots and cussing like a sailor. The more water in the mix, the better the spread and it will not dry up as quickly. Stay away from surfactants as well, it sticks to the plants (as in the name surfactant) and does nothing to help clean the roof what so ever, have not used it in ages. Just algaecide and fungicide bleach and water. I use normally a stern 50/50 mix give or take, it almost always cleans up in one coat. Another tip, do not flood the roof or spray heavy, just a nice light even coat. The less chemical you put down, the easier it is to dilute it to absolute nothing. Stay away from air compressed setups and roller pumps. I prefer shurflo 12 volt pumps, 20 years and millions of square foot of roof can’t be wrong, and they are highly reliable and efficient, easy to swap and last about 24 months as long as you flush them out everyday.

Second tip, THINK!! If you just sprayed a 2500 sqft shingle roof with 25 gallons of 50% mix while your ground guy is down there rinsing drip and overspray, then you rinse the roof off until everything coming off of it goes from brown to crystal clear then you are 100% good. If you just finished rinsing and you see any yellow or brownish color coming off onto to drip edge, you did not rinse good enough. Note: most plants can withstand the chemical on the for over 30 minutes if the mix isn’t a hot one except for certain plants like azeleas, hibiscus, bougainvillea, impatiens, flowers like impatiens and most of all the one and only topiaries which I assume cannot withstand any kind of cleaner for more than a few seconds, so I keep my ground guy focused on them if they are present.

Third, make sure you have a ground guy that his or her only task while you are spraying is keeping everything rinsed off til the drip stops. AND PLEASE do not use those lame multi setting water wands that give you 8 options, they do not put out adequate water pressure. Use only brass y-valves and make it rain on the plants, get in the spray zone and soak them. If the roof is guttered then their job is a lot easier, they are just getting light overspray, that is if the spray tech knows how to edge in a roof without a banana whama 6 foot wand with a bend on the end LOL. I use a 12″ wand always have and always will, most versitile and you get better coverage with a wide fan tip opposed to a narrow fan or even worse a flood technique stream tip.

Fourth, rinse off the roof when you are done. Don’t depend on the rain unless the rain is pouring down and you are phsically there watching it.  The thing to remember is that you have to keep in mind how much chemical you used and to put down enough water to ensure that what you sprayed is diluted down to the consistancy of water. For example if you take 1 gallon of 50% and you put down 25 gallons of water then the mix is so diluted it is impossible to kill any plants.

Guttered roofs, always bag the downspouts if they are not French drained, most French drains go down deep enough that it will not effect any landscape whatsoever.

I hope this information helps you understand more why you should not and whoever you hire to clean your roof should not use plastic or tarps to cover plants. Remember this, Rookies and Newbies as well as big companies use plastic, so that is if there is plant damage they will just tell you that it is not their responsibility since they did infact cover them. I have a plant guarantee that in the event there is damage, I will personally pay or come out and replace them no questions asked. I have done that 4 or 5 times since I have been in business out of the thousands of roofs I have cleaned.

check out my website at roof cleaning, roof cleaning orlando, florida roof cleaning, orlando pressure washing, orlando pressure cleaning http://www.tropicalroofandexterior.com for more information.
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Roof cleaning, after 20 years what I have experienced and learned.

I have officially been in this industry for over 20 years, my how time does fly! Seems like not so long ago I was just a water guy helping lead techs at the company I earned my bachelors degree in roof cleaning at, now I hold a doctorate in roof cleaning and exterior cleaning if there ever was one as well as have my own practice since 2001 lol.

When I was a kid, I was always taught. If you have no clue what you are doing, learn how to or find another path. I mastered roof cleaning at the age of 18 and there is not a roof I have been on that I was not able to clean successfully. To give you a rough idea on the number of roofs I have cleaned since I started, 25,000 or more myself. Over 100 million sqft of just roofing from 12/12 pitch shingle to flat membrane roofs, Brazilian clay, Italian Glazed, Large and Small profile barrel tile, 3 tab shingle, flat concrete tile, cedar shake, slate, metal, architectural and now some solar panel roofs as they are starting to show up on the radars in the roofing and roof cleaning industry. I learned how to before starting my business instead of jumping the gun and using people’s homes as testing grounds, I see a lot of newbie cleaners on social media forums getting the worst advise and buying the worst equipment every day falling for the greed of suppliers and chemical gurus. I am going to go over some of the stuff I have seen lately and over the past 2 decades. If you are a new roof cleaning business owner and have been duped into these products I am not bashing you for buying into those, only advise I give is good advise and I could not do a bad job if I tried. That is why I am so successful in this business without spending 1 cent on advertising and I never try and push a sale when a cheap shopper looking for the lowest price and not the best quality, because I always know my schedule will be full and the weeks end revenue is better than most companies running 5 trucks week after week. It is just me and my helper Ben who has been with me for 6 years now and my wife Danelle who does all sales and book keeping.

I guess if I was to start on a topic it would have to be cleaning products. This one is simple, the only product that works effectively, efficiently, safely, safe on plants (only if the person applying it knows what they are doing) and will prevent the roof from regrowth of mildew and algae without damaging the roof, longer than any other product out there that has ever existed and will ever exist unless of course someone like Elon Musk invents some new product through space age technology is bleach based aka chlorine based products.

I know some of you may be thinking “OH MY” chlorine!! that is some harsh stuff!! Well by itself it is pretty harsh, but when you know how to mix it into the correct water/chlorine ratio which should never exceed 50/50 on 95% of all roofing materials then you factor in the low amount that is applied plus the amount of water used to rinse the roof off, the chlorine becomes more like water. There are a lot of roof cleaning companies who spray hot, don’t rinse roofs and tell you to wait for rain who massacre landscape and grass every single day without a care in the world. The gypsys is what we call them. Those are the ones who give roof cleaners a bad name and they are the ones who possess people into either destroying thier roof by using high pressure or gimmick so called ” alternative roof cleaning products ” that I know for a fact do not work at all, are overpriced, need to be blasted off using a pressure washer which totally defies the whole concept of cleaning a roof without destroying it, to make it even worse. The roof will be back to black in 6 months, so another roof beat down is due and usually by then a shingle roof is smoked and a tile roof is so pitted and faded that it is doomed or will need serious repairs soon after.

The number one product I hear more homeowners say they tried and failed and at $30.00 a gallon is “spray and forget” or as we in the industry call it “pray and forget” or “Buy and Regret”. To coat a 2000 sqft shingle roof with S & F you will need about 35 gallons which will equal $1050.00 plus your time and safety and the roof will still look black or you can hire an experienced highly trained roof cleaner for around $500.00 you do the math.  Another one that I have tried, btw…. I have tried and tested every single product that exists on this planet over the last 2 decades in the hopes that there is a better alternative to bleach that cleans safely without scrubbing or using 4000 pounds of pressure to clean it.  So this one is one of the most laughable products I have ever witnessed, I have been to a product demonstration for it and when I watched them apply it and then proceed to fan tip it off with a pressure washer I pretty much rolled my eyes as granules from the shingles were pelting everything and everyone within 100 feet of the tip of that wand I literally got in my truck and drove home, it was not a waste of time because I learned that it too did not work and for the price they tried to tell me I would need to fork over to be an applicator of this product was around $30,000 plus renewals and I had to pay for the product at $15 or $25 per gallon for cheap useless for roof cleaning, copper sulfate which is also highly toxic and scentless full of carcinogens. This product is called Roof A Cide, we in the industry call consumers who have used roof cleaners who apply it “roof a cide victims” and from the many homeowners I have met who have used it absolutely hated it, and the roof of thier home has a weird feel to it and a weird pattern of granule loss and regrowth pattern. That process is also so over priced that a 2000 sqft shingle roof will cost you 3000 dollars with a promise of a bogus warranty with paragraphs of fine print, pretty much they take you for your money.

Here is list of what does not work at all for roof cleaning without the use of high damaging pressure. Roof shampoo, wet and forget, roof a cide, spray and forget, OX cleaners, and simix.

Best advise is to use a company preferrably one who is an independant roof cleaning contractor that uses bleach based products, why do I recommend independant roof cleaners is that it is usually the owner of the business and usually in that case they will do a far superior job than a company who sends out random short term employees. Lets face it, roof cleaning a dangerous, dirty and sometimes a not so fun job and for a person who is paid 15.00 per hour or less to do it will not take as much pride as someone whos reputation is on the line and who is definately paid a lot more.

Next topic is looking at a paticular company to hire, ones that spend thousands a month on advertising usually cannot keep a customer. I have well over a few thousand customers that use me over and over for cleaning everything from roofs, exteriors, screen enclosures, driveways and sidewalks, walls, fences etc… Repeat and referral business is us, we do have a website and signs on our rigs and trucks but I get maybe 2 jobs a year from the signs, I get another 250 to 300 from word of mouth. I kept my business small for all these years with the ability to grow and run several rigs, but like the old saying is the bigger they get the lower the quality gets no matter how hard or how you try. A good roof cleaning tech is a diamond in the rough. They are so hard to find that in 20 years I found 1, yes 1 that I could trust to go out and do a good job without stressing that he is goofing off or botching my jobs. Unfortunately he has had knee and shoulder problems from sports when he was younger and needed a more laid back job that is less physically intensive so I was back to full time lead with a ground guy.

Now a multi truck company is not a sign that they do bad work, 2 good friends of mine own multi truck cleaning businesses. Josh Snider who owns Semper Fi Pressure washing and Ryan Wilkins who owns beacon roof cleaning both run tight ships and do extremely fantastic work as well as keep good techs on board. I have tried to hire and grow once and had 2 rigs running with a 3rd on plan but I guess I am a worry wart and in 2008 business got ambushed by the economy and I was back to 1 truck full time and 1 on standby, also I wanted to make sure at the time my guys had steady work. The task of keeping up with everything from employees, trucks, scheduling, sales, payroll, taxes, overhead, insurance, workers comp etc…. you know the good stuff… the stuff that keeps it flowing correctly was so costly that I was making less, working more with 3 rigs than I do with 1 rig, and I don’t mind going out and doing the work at all, as a matter of fact I absolutely love cleaning roofs, gutters and exteriors but driveways and screen enclosures not so much but I still am too good at it that it affords me to live the life I live, put my kids in private school, no debt, good insurance, I get to fish all over the world on some of the finest boats, I am a licensed USCG Master Captain and a professional tournament angler salt and freshwater. My main focus is and always has been my wife and kids, so I went back to 1 rig and work a schedule to my liking so that I can spend more time with them and more time on the water without the thought in the back of my mind, are my guys going to show up on Monday? Are they doing the job like I would? There were too many questions in my head to be stress free and I had to make it to where I was stress free or at least live with a lot less of it.

Now for the equipment I use, my system has been perfected over the years. I have it down to a science to where my cleaning rig is so dependable that it cannot leave me stranded on a job to where I cannot finish it. It cannot and does not leak, it is easily fixed, there are no unnecessary gauges, lights, switches and only has 2 valves for sending and 2 valves for flushing. I have used this same set up for the last 8 years and every single job is done without a hitch. I have cleaned apartment complexes with 40 buildings just me and my helper in 7 days with it. I have cleaned entire shopping plazas, malls, 8 story buildings with it, I built the rig myself so in all I am about $10,000 in it including all the hoses, replacement and spare parts, tools, 2 machines, 2 pumps, wands, ladders, safety gear etc…

I see guys spending 30, 40, 50 grand and up on a new rig that does nothing but break all the time, leaks chemical and costs them money and time, delays on jobs, reschedules all the things that you do not want that make you lose on revenue. I see it all the time on forums, buying expensive products that are useless or not needed, using high output pumps that break every other month and these pumps pour out so much chemical it is overkill and the ground guy cannot even keep up, hot water setups for jobs that only require cold water setups. I have never used a hot water setup in 20 years. They are for cleaning vent hoods in kitchens, heavy grease, gas stations, auto shops not for cleaning residential or commercial exterior jobs during the day. I see guys using surface cleaners on painted pool decks or worse on roofs. The stuff I see out there makes me shake my head and wonder how long they will be around before I see their equipment on craigslist or the social media classifieds sales. Yeah, I am guilty of pondering buying those rigs and parting them out to the right guys I know who may need a hot water set up or extra hose reels or even using them to start a side business cleaning grease traps in kitchens.

Lastly, when you see or choose a company to clean your home and they claim they have done it for so long and did x amount of jobs look at their website or even better social media page for photos, I clean A LOT of roofs. If you go to my facebook page and look at the before and after photos you can view a few thousand alone.


Check credentials, insurance, license and references from people in your own community so you can know better and have peace of mind. Like I have always said, there are a lot of good cleaning guys out there but there are 10 times more shady ones as it is an unregulated industry. Anyone can buy the equipment, not everyone knows how to do it correctly. They are looking for a quick buck on the side so consider doing your research first.



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If they were highly recommended, use that company!

Well once again, it has been a year since my last blog. Similar with many, family life, business, social life and life in general get the best of your time as time is precious!

Today, I have some extra time for a blog since the rains moved in and we cannot clean roofs in the rain. The reason for this blog is it has come to my attention that there has been a 40% increase in fly by night low ball companies that have come in town and they are doing sub par work for obviously low prices well below market value. How I have figured this out is I have done in the last 3 months 27 homes that were previously cleaned by these “lowball cut throat” cleaners all over Central Florida. These issues were mainly roofs that were botched cleanings, exteriors that they missed many areas, gutters that were supposed to be cleaned out and cleared but they just took off the visible layer and left the rest, screen enclosures that were cleaned without any kind of cleaning solution, most of all dead plants and landscape everywhere etc.. we were contacted by these home and business owners because the companies that did the work would not respond to their complaints and during web searches they came across us. Lots of questions! They told me things that I could not believe that anyone would actually do to someone. In a nut shell, they took the money and ran.

Now! As the title says, if someone refers a company. Use them!

I get a lot of calls, A LOT! Majority of the calls are repeats and referrals with new customers added in there here and there that have found us organically. Well, I have noticed in the last 2 years that many of the emails or calls I receive that are referrals from people who “Highly Recommended” me went with someone else. When I ask why, they all tell me the same thing. I am too expensive, just for your information I am not too expensive, the other company is just desperate and cheap not to mention they are the usual (unlicensed and uninsured) . That is where the 27 homes and or business’ in the last 3 months had the botched cleaning jobs and the thing I hear most is ” we should have used you in the first place” now they paid twice to get it done right. I cut them a break of course, I felt bad for these people because it does cost money, hard earned money at that to have someone rip you off. I have been ripped off before and it simply put, sucks! I did however gain another repeat customer each time. I have built my business over the last decade and a half by being upfront and honest with everyone and not cutting corners or other legit competitors throats. You cannot survive or stay in business as long as we have by being shady. We are a tad bit more expensive than some others mainly because we carry more liability than others and we have exponentially more experience. There is a saying I love, “if you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, wait til you hire an amature” meaning the rookie will cost you more in the long run.

I have now seen hundreds come and go, people who think since they have a tank, pressure washer, flyers, and a ladder with some hoses and call themselves “pros” when they actually have never done this line of work before and have no clue what they are doing, I learned from working for a large company for years everything I needed to know, on top of all the stuff I have learned since then. I make it look easy and simple, I do this every day so it is second nature to me, that is why. There is a lot more to this line of work than you may think. There is a lot of liability, we are on roofs a lot, being experienced walking on roofs without damaging them and without getting injured as well, knowing what to look out and look for on exterior surfaces, it is a lot of work to keep landscape safe and without damaging it in which we pride ourselves and we are well known for not having landscape damage. Yes, over the last 15 years we have had one here and there and we fixed it right away, no questions asked and no excuses, it is part of it.

So the conclusion to this is, if someone refers or highly recommends a certain company it is advised that you use them regardless of price. You cannot put a price on peace of mind and knowing for sure that you will get platinum service instead of taking a gamble to save a few bucks, it may just come back and bite you.

check out my website at    roof cleaning, roof cleaning orlando, florida roof cleaning, orlando pressure washing, orlando pressure cleaning  http://www.tropicalroofandexterior.com    for more information

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Protecting you and protecting your home investment with Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems

tropical new rig after

Well it has been a few long years since I last posted a blog, our company has grown exponentially and we have over 2500 clients and my family has also grown by one more with our son River which we are very blessed to have him and our wonderful daughter Madison who is already 6 years old now!

I have been meaning to log in and write, and with business being as busy as it has been plus daily life, family life, my passion for the outdoors and my professional fishing career it has been put on the back burner for a long time.

This blog is going to be about being careful on who you are hiring. Plus the steps you need to take to look up a company to see if they are licensed, insured, registered, criminal background checks and tips to help you detect a non registered company or entity trying to get your business. Plus the consequences you could face if you do hire these types of (fly by nighters) or (industry gypsys)

The first red flag in any case is a “super low price” anyone willing to do a job for half price of all other competitors is almost 99.9% a fly by night guy. The reason the price is so low is so you will not even question if they are licensed and insured. For many home owners who are on a budget they look past that part and say go ahead and do it. If the job is a half ass poor quality job the attitude from the homeowner is “well we didn’t pay much so no biggie” or ” it was a horrible job and I want it fixed!” but once that fly by night guy has your money all bets are off, you will never see him or hear from him or her again. 

Another huge red flag is what we call not adding up! What I mean is you for instance google roof cleaning and a few sites pop up and one of the names for instance is miraclexteriorcleaning.net but when you click on the site it says John Smiths Roof Cleaning, you call him and he gives you the deal of a lifetime almost less than half of what all other companies have told you usually an even price like 200 bucks or 400 bucks. Beware!! This is where looking them up easily from your mobile device or desktop computer will take less than 5 minutes before you say yes and is very important. NOTE: There are companies who are legit and offer super low prices but the experience and quality they lack plus they have sub par insurance and no way they have workers comp for those rates so if they get hurt on your property it is now your responsibility to pay their medical bills!!! Now here is the fastest way to look up a business. Go to http://www.sunbiz.org and search either: name of registered agent or search name of company or entity and there you will either see no results found. That means they are not a legit business or if you do see them it can either say (act) means active or (inact) means inactive which shows they are no longer in business anymore and have not paid the state for a license which in turn makes them ineligible for getting general liability insurance and workers comp. Sometimes these guys try to be slick and use another person or company’s insurance papers to claim they are insured. The name that is on the insurance certificate is the only name that will be covered just so you know. 

The third red flag is a company who uses a name like John Smith’s Roof cleaning and when you ask who to make the check to? They say John Smith. They cash the check at your bank and no one will even question it. Or they take only cash and if they take all major credit cards it usually is to a paypal account which you never need a business license for that or they have a friend or family member who takes charge cards and they take a fee off the top to run it. The fly by night guy does not have to pay income taxes, employment taxes, general liability insurance, workers comp premiums which are a big overhead cost that I along with other legit business’ pay for for your protection and mine.

Another very helpful tip to screen who is going to clean your home and be on your property. You can easily go to http://www.mugshots.com and enter the name of the person who is going to enter your property and see for no cost if they are a career criminal and see what charges they have been convicted of. Not all of those who have a bump with the law once or twice is a concern but if they have been arrested over and over several times and have been incarcerated for drugs, sex crimes, violence and theft numerous times within the last few years over a span of several years it is probably wise to look on to hiring someone else. I believe in second chances, I was given one when I was very young and never got into trouble again. But when you have a career criminal on your property you just never know what may happen.

So do a little research. It only takes a few minutes with technology these days. Google is a very helpful key today that helps save time and the hassle of getting stiffed for your money or worse getting sued by someone that gets hurt on your property because you were trying to save a few bucks.

A true professional licensed, insured and certified roof and exterior cleaning company that is either a multi truck operation or an owner operated independent cleaning contractor such as I am will always take pride in their work and take care of your home as if it were ours. We will provide valid documents and referrals as well as show professional work ethic. It is our reputation that puts a roof over our heads and food on the table for our families. We risk our lives everyday too, to clean your home especially your roof. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this blog helps with your decisions on who to hire to care for your homes curb appeal.


Jeffrey H Worth

President Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems LLC since 1999

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