Orlando Roof Cleaning The Correct Way

People in general have this misconception on Roof Cleaning, many who have never had this procedure done before because they are first time homeowners or they do not know what the black stuff is that covers their roof. It is not dirt, jet exhaust, grime, soot or stains but actually a living organism calle(Gleocapsa
Magma) most commonly called Mold or Mildew and usually the biggest first mistake is having a contractor or inexperienced roof cleaner come out and pressure wash the roof using high pressure which is EXTREMELY DAMAGING to both Tile Roofs and Shingle Roofs even if removed with lower pressure by reducing the output of the pressure washer. 45 psi is the absolute maximum pressure it takes and it is not removed by scrubbing or blasting.

The way that we clean roofs is the proper way all Major Roofing Manufacturers say to do it because any other method will void the warranty and will shorten the life you have in your roof, as well as leaving it dirty will also contribute to early failure of the roof since it is a living plant organism which feeds off of the limestone filler that makes up the shingles and prevents heat deflection on Tiles which causes them to deteriorate and crack after sitting in the hot sun all day and when it rains certain spots just go pop.. plus pressure washing does not last long at all.

Our process is safe and in a way simple but do not let the word simple make it seem like it is not a dangerous job. There are a lot of steps to be taken and years of experience to do it properly, I worked for a company for 4 years and became the Senior Tech because of how fast I excelled at DOING IT THE CORRECT WAY.

The correct way involves mixing and applying the solution properly, knowing what to do on walkable and non walkable roofs, keeping the landscape from getting damaged and making sure all the proper step are taken to ensure it was cleaned right.

Did you know that we do not even have to get on your roof to clean it? In some cases (Mainly Tile Roof) homeowners request that the roof shall not be walked on due to the rare tiles or just that is their preference. It can be sprayed from points from a ladder or even the ground since it is applied by an electric pump that can spray 100 feet up. It is applied to the roof and it cleans on its own and within a few minutes the area that was treated will be clean like new. Now once it is clean, rinsing the roof is essential so that when we leave there is no chance that the residue from the cleaning will drip on the landscape in the direct drip line of the roofs edge. That is done lightly with a regular garden hose and the main purpose is to dilute the solution to pool water strength.

Another issue that has come about in the last few years is “False Hope” products such as Roof Be Clean and Spray and Forget. I have tested both and none worked as promised or worked at all to be honest. As a professional roof cleaner I have to try New Products and see for my self before I make any judgement calls. Talking to many other friends of mine in this industry about these new products, we have concluded that these are just Copper Sulfate and Sodium Hydroxide which are highly corrosive degreasers and they have some really good salesmen out to make money with out ever having to clean a roof themselves. They sell it to you, then tell you to wait for up to 9 months and reapply, if the mildew does not come off (which it won’t) they instruct you to buy or rent a pressure washer and wash it off which defeats the purpose of cleaning a roof safely. So if it sounds to good to be true then it is.

For example those infommercials that sell 6 second abs for 20 dollars and show these bodybuilders who are ripped and say they got those abs with 6 second abs. C’mon really?? It took these actors years to get abs like that from diet and hard excercise in a gym. Same principal with these magic products “don’t be fooled” I have been to many homes where they called me as a last resort after trying to clean their roof with some magic roof cleaner they purchased  themselves at a home improvement store or online, I would not even touch those roofs because of the damage that was already caused by those products for insurance purposes. I am not getting blamed for corroded fasteners and degraded underlayment after the fact.

In fact it would have cost them the same or less to have me do it right
the first time and would have had instant long lasting non damaging results.

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