Roof Cleaning tips and prep work MUSTS!

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One thing that dawned on me today that I do not do much and I should always do when quoting a Roof Cleaning or Exterior Cleaning. Ask the homeowner or business owner if they had the home or business exterior recently painted (within 6 months) . If you are a homeowner let the qualified cleaning contractor know. You can usually tell if it has been freshly painted but with weather, pollen, mowing, near by construction, leaving lights on all night (attracts bugs then spiders who cast webs) and other elements of the outdoors it can sometimes be hard to tell, so just ask anyways.

Certain paint colors, sheens and especially brands can change color when cleaning solutions hit them. Today I cleaned a driveway and afterwards I sprayed it with a light solution of bleach, water and algaecide which I always do to make sure that the driveway stays clean for longer periods than pressure washing with plain water. The home was painted 3 months ago and the solution that oversprayed on the bottom of the garage doors lighted up the pigment of the paint and surprisingly it was Sherwin Williams Loxon paint which SW makes some of the best paints so I knew that is was that long since it was painted.

So be sure to ask, then do a small paint color test behind some shrubs and see if they have leftover body and trim paint which they usually do. Food for thought.

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