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Roof Cleaning Orlando, Pressure Washing Orlando, Pressure Cleaning Orlando and Paver Sealing Orlando. Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems services roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, pool deck cleaning, driveway cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, patio furniture cleaning, anything that can be cleaned we can clean it serving Greater Orlando and All Surrounding areas. Visit www.tropicalroofandexterior.com or call 407-415-3419 for a free estimate.

Reasons to clean your Roof: there are many reasons for Roof Cleaning, here are the most important. Orlando Roof Cleaning removes destructive Mildew build up that actually eats away at the roofing materials feeding on the limestone filler causing rapid breakdown of shingles and tiles. “Health”, did you know that is heavy mildew that is on your roof and leaving it there eventually will creep down the exterior and spores will get into your home where moisture is present. Curb Appeal, why have a dirty roof when you can have a clean roof that looks brand new for a small fraction of what a new roof costs.

How to Clean Roofs Properly: First thing never use a pressure washer to clean any roof since it will remove granules and cause water intrustion even at low pressure settings with a pressure washer. It has to be cleaned by roofing manufacturers standards to keep your warranty valid, roofing manufacturers will know if pressure was used by simply inspecting it, so don’t try it. The way we do Roof Cleaning is “The Only Method” approved by ALL ROOFING MANUFACTURERS. Go to any roofing manufacturers websites or call them to ask how it should be cleaned they will tell you. Our Roof Cleaning process is done only with an electric pump to apply the Roof Cleaning Solution on and then it is rinsed off with a regular water hose with regular water pressure from your homes water spigots to give you same day, long lasting, new looking roof results that helps your roofs lifespan by actually killing and preventing mildew regrowth and although it is not permanant it will stay clean for several years.

Watch out for these New Magic Products: They contain “Highly Toxic Copper Sulfate” as the main ingredient and has to be pressure washed off using a minimun of 1000 psi to complete. Roof A Cide, Roof Be Clean and Spray and Forget are all untested and not approved by ANY ROOFING MANUFACTURER. The link below is a link about “copper sulfate” by Cornell University. You can also find a link to a Rip Off Report on Roof A Cide in my Recent Posts.


What to ask for from a Roof Cleaning Contractor: The most important is Insurance, make sure it is current by calling the listed agent on the insurance form. References, Angie’s List is the best way but even a list of past customers they can call is good too. Business License, it is not a requirement but is better to have an occupational license. Workers Comp Insurance or Workers Comp Exemption Form which is mainly stating you and your homeowners insurance are not responsible for injuries to workers on your property. If the company has more that 4 employees then Florida Law requires them to have Workers Comp Insurance. What methods they use to clean roofs? Ask, what do they use and if they have to use a pressure washer to clean your roof in any way. If they even state that they use a pressure washer at very low pressure move on to the next quote nicely until you find a Roof Cleaning company that uses Soft Non Pressure Roof Cleaning methods.

What does it cost to clean your roof?  In every case it all depends on the gross square footage including the garage not the living square footage. The pitch of the roof also dictates pricing, also the type of roof (Tile or Shingle) Tile will always cost more than shingle, how much prep work has to be done, the extent of how dirty the roof is can sometimes be a factor in pricing but not in most cases. If you have actual moss or lichen growing that would be a factor in pricing. Prices range from .10 cents to .20 cents per sqft in Florida and more in northern states since chemical cost is more and availability is less.

To see an entire list of Roof Cleaners in your area that clean with approved methods and a very insightful site with tons of information go to: www.roofcleaningchemicals.com and click on your state in the search area.

Also for more information from so many professionals see the forums at: http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/ see what they have to say.

Thanks for Reading and if you live in the Greater Orlando area and need your roof cleaned, exterior cleaned, pool enclosure and/or deck cleaned, driveway and sidewalks cleaned, pavers cleaned and sealed or anything else or questions call 407-415-3419 or you can visit our site at www.tropicalroofandexterior.com we serve Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Volusia, Brevard, Lake and Polk Counties.

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