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Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems, LLC. Is a Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Pressure Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Paver Sealing company based in Orlando Florida our services include exterior cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, pool deck cleaning, driveway cleaning, wood fence cleaning, PVC fence cleaning, vinyl fence cleaning, window cleaning, patio furniture cleaning and more..

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Today, I cleaned a few homes and two of the homes brought something to my attention. The first house was a paver pool deck cleaning. The pavers were sealed a while back and the sealing was sort of botched, meaning that it was sealed while the pavers were still holding moisture and the sand in the joints was thinner than it should have been. They had sealed the pavers and mildew spores that were left were trapped under the sealer making it impossible to remove without having the entire deck stripped of the sealer. The company did a great job on the driveway and the area where the sun hits the deck, but where it is in the shade most of the day it still had moisture trapped in the pavers. A solution for that senerio is a really difficult task and labor intensive; you would have to remove all the pavers and reclean them and set the pavers in direct sun for 6 hours to have full evaporation or can be done easily by cleaning and sealing before the pavers are laid down in areas like that.

The other one was a past customer of mine who had me clean her pool enclosure in 2009 and then last year a neighborhood kid decided to start a pressure cleaning business and got in over his head like many do when they think that it is an easy job for some quick cash when it is actually labor intensive, a lot of maintenance, a lot of overhead and you need a lot of experience to make it in this business. I make it look easy since it is second nature to me and I have been doing this since 1998, but I had to learn first from working for someone who knew what they were doing working my way up by cleaning some very complex structures. Needless to say the kid wrecked her pavers by blowing out all of the joint sand by pressure washing it with a high pressure tip as well as the driveway and sidewalks plus did not use any type of treatment so you can see where he had cleaned it with a wand, you can see the pattern that he made very well. I treat every surface I clean because I want it to last long and when it starts to get dirty again it comes backs evenly. The kid decided that pressure washing was not the best idea for him as a business venture.

The Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing industry is probably the last type of business you want to start in this economy unless you buy a well established business you will not make it. I got in this business when there were maybe 40 pressure cleaning business’/Roof cleaning business’ in the Central Florida/Greater Orlando Area. Now there are over 400 and only 10% are well qualified to clean your home or business so be careful who you hire these days because most new guys are not even experienced and worse not insured. If they ask for a check in their name or take cash only that is a good sign, and I understand that saving money is very important to everyone and going cheap is a quick fix but can cost you more than you think. So be careful who you hire.

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