Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning

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Today, I recieved a call for a quote from a man in Lake Mary Fl for a roof cleaning for his 4600 sq ft Tile Roof in an upscale neighborhood. I have always kept my promise to keep my prices equal to all and not judge by demographics on how I price my jobs. So I looked up his information and he also mentioned that his neighbor wanted to get his roof cleaned as well so I gave him a group discount. Each roof was priced accordingly just as any other roof I price and sell. He had mentioned that he got a quote for $250.00 each!?! that comes to a little more than .05 cents per sqft. It costs half that to clean those roofs. I was told it was a local firefighter who gave him that quote. Hmmm, I wonder who that could be (JM).

Listen! What makes a firefighter do a roof so cheap? He has a 50k a year job working 3 days a week and has 4 days off to cash in and cut his prices to cut all other competitors throats and does not carry liability insurance and if he does he uses high pressure to clean roofs. While this industry is my life and puts food on the table and a roof over my family’s heads, I do not mind a firefighter as a competitor. But! If he is out doing roofs for half price and cutting throats plus using his ” I am a firefighter cry ” to get business is wrong. That is exploiting firefighters as cut throat cleaners. I have to make a living just like every other person who is in this business only, and only does exterior cleaning/pressure washing/safe non pressure roof cleaning and does not have a steady income looking for extra spending cash.

So next time you feel bad for a firefighter and think of calling him just remember he is a firefighter and has a steady income of around atleast 40k a year while for others this is their livelihood and you are just hurting those who need business to live and pay taxes to help pay for that firefighters salary.

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One response to “Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning

  1. Couldnt agree more! I guess it’s a sign of the times. Just don’t lower your standards or prices to compete with these guys.

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