Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning with great results

Pressure Washing and Safe Roof Cleaning by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems serving all of Orlando and all surrounding areas. If you are looking for good quality, fair prices and long lasting results from a fully insured and licensed cleaning company call 407-415-3419 or visit our helpful and informative website at and get your free consultation today!

Today was a long day but a great day. Cleaned 3 homes today 2 of which are repeat clients and 1 new client and also booked 5 more jobs as well. Tomorrow we will be cleaning 3 Tile Roofs in Kissimmee and possibly 1 in Grand Island if time permits. Grand Island is near Leesburg so we may have to schedule it for Wednesday.

To have great cleaning results from a pressure washing and non pressure roof cleaning company you should hire only professionals who really know what they are doing. You can always tell if you have the right person for the job if they quote you by square footage and not by throwing a quick price at you like 250.00 flat that is a sign that they are not real professionals, real professionals do estimates by measuring the size of your home or business either by coming out and doing a quote OR looking up your home or business’ specs online. Also, do they have a website?? Almost every single true professional roof cleaning company has a website and/or a blog site. Do they have testimonials? References you can actually call? How long have they been in business and what methods they use and look at thier equipment. Do they only take cash?? If they take checks, do they have it made in thier legal name?? That is not a true professional.

Do not ever settle for the lowest price because that is exactly what you will get. Poor quality work and poor results, no insurance or license, cut corners and damages and th0se guys never last at all. Getting a very low price from someone is the person you need to NOT call back or use and the reason why I am saying this is for your protection of your property. That cheap cut throat isn’t going to go out of his way to do an A+ job, he just needs quick cash and he’s gone. I will tell you I am not nor will I ever be the cheapest and I will not be the most expensive either. I average with all my true professional competitors in price, a few bucks higher or lower and I do give repeats a price break for customer loyalty which I have over 600 repeat customers that rotate over a 2 to 3 year period since the way I clean homes and business’ lasts for a very long time. Like today I cleaned a driveway I did in 2009 which was still pretty clean and only had mildew in the areas that have the most shade. I see my work all over the place while driving around and roofs I cleaned 5 years ago are still clean and I know nobody else had cleaned it since then because I do other work at those homes like pool enclosures, driveways and walks, gutter cleaning etc..

So before you pick a company I will give you this saying that I live by. “You get what you pay for” and it is so true in this business. I have been to so many homes or business’ over the years where I was out bid before or they used a cheap guy before and were not satisfied with the results and had me do it for more of course but it was done right and without incident. I am a true professional, I do not cut corners or tell you something that is not true to get the job. I do this type of work 5 to 7 days a week and only do this type of work, this is my work life and has been since 1998 and I am extremely good at what I do and take pride in every job I do, that is how it should be and how it will always be.

Other companies who have the same work ethic as me and do excellent work in the Orlando area are Semper Fi Pressure Cleaning, All Florida Roof and Exterior Cleaning and KJ&E Cleaning by Jeff Poole.

In the Southwest region of Florida there is only one person that I highly praise and highly recommend is Chuck Bergman. He has been in this industry more than twice as long as I have been in it 34 years and counting so you can trust his work to be good and professional and he will do you right everytime with no issues. Visit his site at

In Tampa Florida there is only one name that you should trust and that name is Apple Roof Cleaning, Chris Tucker the owner has been awarded many times for his quality of work and is an embassador for the Roof Cleaning Industry in Florida and moderator for the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) visit his site at

In the Northwest Panhandle area of Florida call Russ at prokleen pressure wash or visit his site at

These are people you can trust, I trust them even as they are my competition and that says a lot about the type of people thay are. Honest, Reliable and Fair. Plus they are ethical to everyone.

Thanks for reading and we hope to serve you when the time calls for a quality cleaning.

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