Kissimmee Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Kissimmee Roof Cleaning and Kissimmee Pressure Washing Services also Orlando Roof Cleaning and Orlando Pressure Washing Services serving all of Central Florida and most surrounding areas. Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Home Exterior Cleaning, Pool Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Wood Fence Cleaning, Vinyl Fence Cleaning, Brick Wall Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning and more..

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Today, 10/04/2011 we cleaned 3 roofs in Kissimmee Florida and I was astonished by what one homeowner had told me about the house across the street and also another who lived 3 houses down had told me. The first one said the roof across from them was pressure cleaned 3 months ago, but it did not look clean. As a matter of fact it was the dirtiest roof on the street and it was cleaned in July of 2011 and was covered with mildew already, that is a perfect example of why not to pressure wash any roof IT DOES NOT LAST and IT CAUSES WATER INTRUSION creating leaks and thousands in damages so don’t do it. The second person told me just yesterday his neighbor across from him had thier roof pressure washed and you can see the missing mortar and where the pressure took off the glaze from the tiles and even worse they paid $750.00 for a 3000 sqft Tile Roof which should only be $400.00 and done the right way that the roofing manufacturers suggest like our methods. Needless to say I sold 3 more roof cleanings to the guy who liked my method and loved the results on 3 properties that he manages.

Don’t learn the hard way, just make sure that whoever you hire does not use a pressure washer to clean your roof. It is that simple and will save you from all sorts of headaches and save you money.

We use pressure washers to clean driveways and sidewalks. We also use pressure washers to clean exteriors, screen enclosures and walls, but we use custom tips for applying and rinsing not the stock tips that come with the machine and the pressure is non damaging and chemical is used to give you long lasting results.

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