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Roof Cleaning safely without the use of any pressure also cleaning every other surface around your home or business. Safe roof cleaning, pressure washing, paver sealing, gutter cleaning, tile roof painting and restoration and more… Orlando’s roof cleaning professionals, leaving you with fantastic results whether it is your exterior, pool enclosure, pool deck, driveway, sidewalks, patio furniture, gutter cleaning without leaving leaves behind and are all hand cleaned, bagged and disposed of, paver sealing, tile roof painting, roof cleaning, wood and vinyl fences and more..

Call Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems for a free consultation and free demonstration at 407-415-3419 –

Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing Orlando. Commercial and Residential there is nothing we can’t clean. Since 1998 thousands of roof cleaning and exterior cleanings have been cleaned by us and we are here to stay, no fly by night company can compete with our quality maybe our prices but you get what you pay for.. right!

Don’t replace your roof – Clean It and save thousands. Roof Cleaning is the first step to prolonging the life of your roof and never have your shingle or tile roof pressure washed for that will shorten the life by 50% by causing leaks from water intrusion, granule loss, glaze degradation of tiles. Plus pressure washing only lasts a few months and then what, you wasted your money for a short term cleaning or for a price that is a little more you can have a roof cleaning that lasts for years and years. You do the math, turn down all contractors who use high pressure to clean roofs. Those guys are called “gypsy cleaners” here today gone tomorrow!

We do use pressure washing to clean just about everything else BUT! We use the same mildew prevention solutions before or after the cleaning depending on the surface. We are not the stereotypical pressure cleaning company you see with fan tipped wands waving it side to side to clean driveways or exteriors. We have a chemical injection system that feeds the chemical into the water stream with certain tips and cuts off the chemical with other tips that were custom made to my preference. I can clean a pool enclosure by standing in 2 spots only and I do not have to get close up to remove the algae. I just put on the application tip and run it until I see suds and apply the chemical to all screens and beams and then once coated I will switch tips to my rinse tips and run it until it is fresh water coming out of the hose and I can rinse the entire area from one spot without moving until I have to adjust to get the other sides of the beams.

Too many pressure cleaning companies have popped up in the last few years and picked up their equipment at a pawn shop or craigslist and have not the slightest clue on how to do it right, they decide it is not what they want to do and “poof” they are gone. I have seen it way too much in the last 5 or 6 years, I have been to so many homes where the last guy is out of business and I can see the mess they left behind even after year. Plus they did it so cheap I have to spend extra time educating the customer on why, how, what, when to get a reasonable bid on my behalf and to hear that the last guy did it for less than half of what I charge and I ask why they did not call him then? They ALWAYS say the same thing everytime – they are out of business or did a horrible job. You want it done right…. pay a little more to a reputable company like us or a few I can say are good like All Florida Roof and Exterior, Semper Fi Pressure Washing, Touch O’ Class and a very few others are all good companies and have been in this business long enough and know what they are doing. You can tell by the way they present themselves and by thier knowledge of everything to what can be cleaned to what is that stain to why does it look like that etc… So ask questions ASK ASK ASK ASK!!! It is that simple, if they are doing the uh and duh deal or say I have no clue they are right they have no clue about roof cleaning and pressure washing move on until you find someone you are comfortable with. Don’t settle for the cheapest bid, that is a tactic of a desparate non experience guy just to make an easy sale and a quick buck, I have matched bids at times just so they do not get the job and then the customer sees my results and I have another repeat client that will only call me and will pay my prices because they know what they are getting. Listen, I am not charging rediculously high prices I am charging the average industry price so I will usually fall in the middle to high middle range. I am not going to cut throats or drain your bank, my prices are fair and I am running a business and not a charity. I need to make a profit to stay in business as well as enjoy some of it just like most people do.

Roof cleaning and pressure washing is not as easy as you may think and is a dangerous job, it is not carpet cleaning or mowing grass. We risk our lives everyday cleaning 1,2,3,4, and 5+ story roofs to make your home or business look good and have curb appeal. You fall – your done! We are insured in the event it happens and will be financially covered for life but I will not sugar coat what we do, we are extremely careful with safety precautions and do not have a single injury at all at Tropical since we started BUT accidents can happen and if you think that roof cleaning is a simple job and should not cost much come work with me and I will let you go up and spray a roof, you will have a sudden change of thinking. There is cost of product, gas to drive there, wear and tear on equipment, our time that it takes to clean each home or business, the inherant risks that are involved by walking roofs, insurance, worker comp (very expensive), helper payroll just to name a few. So just remember that guy that is going up that ladder to clean your roof is also a person who has bills to pay, a family to feed and take care of and in this economy cash is not always pumping in so take that into consideration when you try and get the lowest price and not the best quality.


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