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Well it has been a few long years since I last posted a blog, our company has grown exponentially and we have over 2500 clients and my family has also grown by one more with our son River which we are very blessed to have him and our wonderful daughter Madison who is already 6 years old now!

I have been meaning to log in and write, and with business being as busy as it has been plus daily life, family life, my passion for the outdoors and my professional fishing career it has been put on the back burner for a long time.

This blog is going to be about being careful on who you are hiring. Plus the steps you need to take to look up a company to see if they are licensed, insured, registered, criminal background checks and tips to help you detect a non registered company or entity trying to get your business. Plus the consequences you could face if you do hire these types of (fly by nighters) or (industry gypsys)

The first red flag in any case is a “super low price” anyone willing to do a job for half price of all other competitors is almost 99.9% a fly by night guy. The reason the price is so low is so you will not even question if they are licensed and insured. For many home owners who are on a budget they look past that part and say go ahead and do it. If the job is a half ass poor quality job the attitude from the homeowner is “well we didn’t pay much so no biggie” or ” it was a horrible job and I want it fixed!” but once that fly by night guy has your money all bets are off, you will never see him or hear from him or her again. 

Another huge red flag is what we call not adding up! What I mean is you for instance google roof cleaning and a few sites pop up and one of the names for instance is but when you click on the site it says John Smiths Roof Cleaning, you call him and he gives you the deal of a lifetime almost less than half of what all other companies have told you usually an even price like 200 bucks or 400 bucks. Beware!! This is where looking them up easily from your mobile device or desktop computer will take less than 5 minutes before you say yes and is very important. NOTE: There are companies who are legit and offer super low prices but the experience and quality they lack plus they have sub par insurance and no way they have workers comp for those rates so if they get hurt on your property it is now your responsibility to pay their medical bills!!! Now here is the fastest way to look up a business. Go to and search either: name of registered agent or search name of company or entity and there you will either see no results found. That means they are not a legit business or if you do see them it can either say (act) means active or (inact) means inactive which shows they are no longer in business anymore and have not paid the state for a license which in turn makes them ineligible for getting general liability insurance and workers comp. Sometimes these guys try to be slick and use another person or company’s insurance papers to claim they are insured. The name that is on the insurance certificate is the only name that will be covered just so you know. 

The third red flag is a company who uses a name like John Smith’s Roof cleaning and when you ask who to make the check to? They say John Smith. They cash the check at your bank and no one will even question it. Or they take only cash and if they take all major credit cards it usually is to a paypal account which you never need a business license for that or they have a friend or family member who takes charge cards and they take a fee off the top to run it. The fly by night guy does not have to pay income taxes, employment taxes, general liability insurance, workers comp premiums which are a big overhead cost that I along with other legit business’ pay for for your protection and mine.

Another very helpful tip to screen who is going to clean your home and be on your property. You can easily go to and enter the name of the person who is going to enter your property and see for no cost if they are a career criminal and see what charges they have been convicted of. Not all of those who have a bump with the law once or twice is a concern but if they have been arrested over and over several times and have been incarcerated for drugs, sex crimes, violence and theft numerous times within the last few years over a span of several years it is probably wise to look on to hiring someone else. I believe in second chances, I was given one when I was very young and never got into trouble again. But when you have a career criminal on your property you just never know what may happen.

So do a little research. It only takes a few minutes with technology these days. Google is a very helpful key today that helps save time and the hassle of getting stiffed for your money or worse getting sued by someone that gets hurt on your property because you were trying to save a few bucks.

A true professional licensed, insured and certified roof and exterior cleaning company that is either a multi truck operation or an owner operated independent cleaning contractor such as I am will always take pride in their work and take care of your home as if it were ours. We will provide valid documents and referrals as well as show professional work ethic. It is our reputation that puts a roof over our heads and food on the table for our families. We risk our lives everyday too, to clean your home especially your roof. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this blog helps with your decisions on who to hire to care for your homes curb appeal.


Jeffrey H Worth

President Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems LLC since 1999

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