Before you act, think logically before you agree to hire a “Roof Cleaner”

Again and again I see it keep happening over and over and over again. It makes me cringe…

21 years in this industry and 16 years as the owner and founder of Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. I still always see homes we quoted for homeowners who scoffed at our prices, shopped for the lowest price and then getting their roof cleaned by someone who has not the slightest clue what they are even doing or should not even be doing the work at all. Like one case last week while doing work at a long time repeat client of ours and the ones who highly recommended and highly suggested that they use us home. I sat and watched a guy using an orbital tip aka turbo nozzle at maximum psi (4200) that is only to be used for stripping off old paint, etching concrete before applying epoxy or coatings, removing dried concrete spills… pretty much the last resort tip if all else fails, to give an example this tip can literally cut right through a cinderblock in about 20 minutes, not a hole but cut it in half. This guy was using it to clean a DECRA aka metal tile roof with a granular surface and is a fantastic, long lasting and very good looking roofing material with a very long warranty, however the warranty is not valid if the roof has been cleaned using high pressure methods and to be technical all roofing materials have the same warranty point, if the roofing material was cleaned using any type of high pressure the warranty will be voided. Don’t think that roof inspectors or adjusters for those companies won’t know that the roof was pressure washed. It is evident in every way by just glancing at it without even putting up a ladder. Anything over 100 psi is considered high pressure and even the “No bleach so called Eco Friendly” cleaning companies state that the psi they use is safe. But it is still at a minimum of 1500 psi. I just don’t get how or understand to this day why people choose to either risk hiring a Jack of all trades to save a little money or hire some new magic cleaning product company that charges five to ten times more than us.

One fact I came up with is that they have been burned by some guy, guys or a company that did the work, got paid and killed their landscape and grass damaged the exteriors paint and left a disaster behind with zero response from them to fix their mistakes.

Once bitten twice shy. Luckily many of those bitten know better than to fall for the “plant safe” snake oil products or another El Cheapo to do the job. Many times they called us first to begin with but due to our cost they hired the lower price guy and paid for it badly, then used us and realized why our prices are what they are and afterwards usually compliment us on how much more thorough and detailed we are as well as how easy I made it look even though they know only someone with my experience can do that and in a quarter of the time than the last ones that hacked up the job. No we do not gouge nor do we see a million dollar home and charge more assuming they will pay more because they have the money. It is quite the opposite actually. We charge every single client the same price which is based off of size, type and pitch of roof times whatever the per square foot rate is for each. If you have a 1000 sqft shingle roof it is going to cost 170.00 if you have a 10,000 sqft shingle roof it is going to cost 1700.00 if you have a 1000 sqft tile roof it is going to cost 250.00 and 10,000 sqft tile roof it is going to cost 2,500 and if you have a 1000 sqft clay or terracotta roof it is going to cost 350.00 and the same type of roof at 10,000 sqft is going to cost 3,500 dollars. Ofcourse we offer new customer discounts and group discounts as well as our fully gutter and French drained home discount. We rinse every roof guttered or not, we offer our 2 year unlimited unconditional warranty on all roofs except flip homes, roofs with storm damage, roofs with canopies of trees above the roof and flat roofs with poor drainage.

A lot of requests for estimates from our website 75% of requests are for roof cleaning quotes. If I could make this business to where the only thing I clean is roofs I would. But the fact is I am really good at anything and everything I do, especially cleaning homes and commercial properties. So over the years of building Tropical to where it stands today,  I have cleaned anything and everything aside from roofs from screen enclosures and decks of all types and sizes to patio furniture to homeowners boats and RV’s to elaborate home exteriors to the most basic 4 sided structure to entire communities, flat surfaces, boat docks, statues and so on.

Being really good at something is one thing, being really good on top of being completely transparent, honest, thorough, habitually OCD never cutting corners or shortcuts no matter the circumstances and fixing mistakes that can occur right away is a whole different breed of really good. That is who I am. I never sugar coat or lie or push to make a sale I also will not give myself away and drop the price either. I know what my work, expertise, skill, knowledge and quality is worth and I also know what my competitors are worth. I see right through the tactics and ways they swoon potential customers into what they are providing or selling. I see the work they do all over town and wonder how or even if they got paid for the sloppy work they do or did. I know what the truth is and just nod my head and feel for those unlucky people who actually fall victim to those shady and not so good people or even companies. I know who the bad guys and good guys are, yet I never badmouth the bad guys. I just let things take their course and do the work I have on my books and mind my own.

Ok, to the point now. The time has come to get the most important part of your home cleaned. When you are reading information on roof cleaning on company websites that offer that service these are the ones I highly advise to avoid. Critically first avoid the ones who claim to use no chemicals whatsoever, that is another way of them saying that they will be coming to pressure wash your roof. Second, avoid using companies that state pet and plant safe products used, for one if it cannot hurt your plants then it will definitely not kill and remove the black and green stuff growing on your roof and guess what, they too will be firing up the big guns and putting a good 1500 to 4200 psi on your roof. I have used and tested EVERY SINGLE NEW PRODUCT THAT HAS EVER COME TO MARKET, none worked without the use of high pressure or what they assume is (1500) psi low pressure. A rain shower removes a little bit of granules from a shingle roof, 1500 psi on a basic fan tip can cut through a 2×4 after about 20 minutes so 1500 psi to anyone with common sense should know that is not low pressure. Third, be weary of those who state low pressure roof cleaning. That could mean way too many things. Fourth, avoid anyone who requires a deposit for any residential 1 day cleaning job, any company that asks for one usually does bad work or has a bad reputation that may be revealed after the fact so that way you are locked in and cannot back out. AVOID COMPANIES WHO ASK FOR A DEPOSIT! on residential jobs. We only require deposits on commercial jobs that exceed a scope of work that has a duration of over 2 days and or over $10,000 and that is only to cover the cost of labor, fuel, chemical, materials and rentals for boom lifts if needed. If the commercial project has agreed and signed to pay upon completion no deposit is required. Just a signature.

Above where I mentioned, if it cannot kill plants then it will not kill what is growing on your roof. Yes, the chemical we use “can” kill plants and grass and yes I have had it happen on my watch before. 21 years and average of 700 roofs a year it happens, with me you have a better chance at winning the Powerball 3 weeks in a row than having plant damage. 16 years in business 9 plant damages is probably a record in the industry. I fixed them all even if it cost more than the job itself and was unavoidable like a French drain system that all routed to 1 unknown location until after the roof was cleaned and rinsed and was all concentrated at the roots of 10 foot tall portocarpus trees 250 feet away from the house and cost me 2k dollars out of pocket and hours of my time finding the right size and breed and the homeowner telling me to not worry about it. I was raised differently and I also know that pay it forward and what goes around comes around is true. I also know that repeat business is gained guaranteed only by doing 100% not 99% word of mouth spreads fast if it is good and faster if it is bad. Why do you think 90% of roof cleaning companies only last a few years at best unless they pay fortunes for advertising in every publication and search engines just to keep new customers coming since they can keep repeats and even they too will run out of customers and sink eventually unless they stop putting profit margins first and customer service last.

A lot of good roof cleaners here in Orlando, but there are way more bad ones ten fold. So before you act, think logically before you hire a “roof cleaner” and please no matter how much you think you can DIY your roof with some box store product like spray and regret. Save yourself time, money and most importantly your safety and call someone who does it every single day. Call me 407-951-3634

Thanks for reading – Jeffrey H Worth President Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems

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