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Pressure Cleaning Services Orlando Florida

Pressure Cleaning Services Orlando Florida by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems, www.tropicalroofandexterior.com

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Pressure Washing Orlando, Kissimmee, Windermere, Longwood, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Deltona, DeBary, New Smyrna Beach, Leesburg, Tavares, St. Cloud, Celebration, Chuluota, Titusville, Ocoee, Winter Garden and everywhere between.

Orlando Roof Cleaning using manufaturer approved processes to safely clean shingle, slate, tile and metal roofs without the use of any type of pressure. Just spray it on with an electric pump and rinse it off with a garden hose. It is that safe!!

Visit my website www.tropicalroofandexterior.com or for more information on how to properly clean roofs go to www.roofcleaningchemicals.com

We offer free written estimates. We are licensed, insured, workers comp compliant and a certified roof cleaning company since 1998.

Why replace your roof when you can restore its new look by having it cleaned, why repaint your exterior when you can have it cleaned and don’t let your screen enclosure get eaten away by mildew – let us clean it and make it look new! Patio Furniture that is black and green and pretty bad looking – don’t throw it to the curb we can clean that too. Go to our services page and look at what we do by clicking on each service and check out the pictures. Also go to our picture gallery and see some great before and afters.

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Roof Cleaning Orlando and Pressure Cleaning Services Orlando

Orlando, FL 09/19/2011 Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. Service areas are all of Seminole County, Orange County, Lake County, Osceola County, Brevard County and Volusia County. Cleaning Services are for Commercial and Residential. Which are Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Pool Enclosure Cleaning and more..

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Since 1998 we have cleaned thousands of commercial and residential buildings and have a repeat customer base that has helped us through this tough economy. We are a very affordable and reliable company keeping our standards very high and keeping our overhead as low as possible to give you the most reasonable rates. Keeping your roof and exterior clean is a very important step to preserving it and making it last longer. So if your home or business is looking like it needs cleaning call us today.

Orlando Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning OrlandoPressure Washing OrlandoOrlando Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Pressure CleaningSafe Roof Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Safe Roof CleaningEco Friendly Roof CleaningEnvironmentally Safe
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Roof Cleaning Tips and Pressure Washing Advice

Orlando Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems, serving Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia, Lake, Indian River and Polk Counties with professional Roof and Exterior Cleaning services that include but are not limited to Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning, Paver Sealing, Screen Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Sidewalk Cleaning, Wood and Vinyl Fence Cleaning and more..

Call Me Today at 407-415-3419 or www.tropicalroofandexterior.com for more info and a link to email for a fast response. We are licensed, insured and are Workers Comp compliant.

Today, I am going to first talk about tips on cleaning shingle and tile roofs safely without the use of a pressure washer or any high pressure rinsing system. First, before you decide to have your roof cleaned by doing it yourself remember that when you do so you need to take all safety precautions and have all proper equipment ( a pump up sprayer will not work efficiently ): Have a safe ladder with a stabilizer so that it is not resting on the gutters or drip edge which can dent or even damage them the stabilizer is also to keep the ladder from kicking left or right leaving you stranded on the roof if you do not have a helper. Second you will need a 100 gallon tank and either a Shurflo electric pump or a FloJet pump. You will need 200 to 300 foot of 3/4 inch poly braid hose, a ball valve, connectors, fan tip, wand, a 12v system to run the pump such as a deep cycle or regular car battery. Third a respirator for vapors not a paper mask! Gloves & eye protection. Fourth you will need a good amount of solution. Roofing manufacturers suggest a mix of (Sodium Hypochloite) or Pool Chlorine, (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) or TSP and mix it at a 40 gallons of chemical and 60 gallons of water. Lastly you will need a 100 ft waterhose to keep plants wet during the cleaning and also for rinsing the roof.


You can do it in a more cost effective and safer manner by contacting a reputable and highly experienced roof cleaning contractor like me. Which can clean your roof efficiently, effectively and safely instead of purchasing all that equipment and supplies. I have been cleaning roofs since 1998 and I have seen it all. From the do it yourselfer who gave up after a week of trying, to the person who had purchased a spray on and leave it roof cleaning product from a home improvement store or online that just did not work at all to the person who thought they called the right company until they showed up with a pressure washer in the bed of their truck attempting to or actually cleaning their roof and the cleaning did a lot of damage or simply did not last for more than 3 or 4 months or both. So make sure that who you do hire uses Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Methods that gives you long lasting and instant results with a type of warranty.

Go to this site for very useful information: www.roofcleaningchemicals.com

Now advice on pressure cleaning: From the exterior to the driveway to pool enclosures and decks there is a wrong way and a right way to pressure clean them. The stereotypical picture that you probably think of when pressure cleaning is the one where high pressure is used up close with just water fanning side to side on all surfaces. The actual way we do it is a cold water, solution controlled chemical cleaning with custom tips for application and rinsing. For flat surfaces like concrete driveways and sidewalks we also see “new short term” start up companies using either a high volume 15, 25 or 40 degree tips which is so time consuming and does not clean evenly at all; you may have had yours cleaned by this method and within a short period you will see the mildew growing back and a striped pattern that emerges. We use a different approach, the tool is a classic whisper wash surface cleaner that looks like a buffer in a way but it is actually a spraybar with 2 tips that rotate at high RPMs and cleans the surface evenly and efficently and afterwards we do what most do not do. We apply a light solution to actually kill the mildew root system that is left over after cleaning with plain water so that when it starts getting dirty again in a few years it will come back evenly and not leave an ugly line pattern down the driveway and sidewalks. I have even seen driveways that were cleaned like this that the homeowner was told that is the best it is going to get which I think is not a good way to do business and that can ruin it but also help for those who do it right.

Pressure washing exteriors, screen enclosures and other surfaces that require careful and experienced knowledge to do so: The way to do it right is to first use a detergant fan tip or a wide orface stream tip to allow the solution to pass through the injection system on all exterior surfaces like the underside of the drip edge, facia, soffits, outside of gutters and walls or all vertical surfaces and on pool enclosures all screens and beams. There is no spot treating since it will just create a big clean spot. Once the cleaning solution is applied by sections and it has sat for for about a minute or so we will switch tips and flush out the lines to where fresh water is only coming out and then rinse the sections that the solution was applied to completely including all windows and doors. This solution removes green algae, mildew, bug and spider debris, wasp nests, mud dauber nests and other debris that is on the exterior. The custom tips I had made for me cut off the circulation flow of the solution and only lets fresh water to pass through and the solution injection it controls the percentage at 15% at all times.

The results are amazing and they are long lasting. You will be happy when you see how it comes out and also how long it stays clean. Although in the more humid climates cleanings of course never last forever since the spore block inhibitors wear off like pest control products and lawn care products do. However, we do have a maintenance program to come out every year to keep your exterior free of damaging mildew and other contaminants in the air.


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Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Service Thoughts

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Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems, LLC. Is a Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Pressure Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Paver Sealing company based in Orlando Florida our services include exterior cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, pool deck cleaning, driveway cleaning, wood fence cleaning, PVC fence cleaning, vinyl fence cleaning, window cleaning, patio furniture cleaning and more..

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Today, I cleaned a few homes and two of the homes brought something to my attention. The first house was a paver pool deck cleaning. The pavers were sealed a while back and the sealing was sort of botched, meaning that it was sealed while the pavers were still holding moisture and the sand in the joints was thinner than it should have been. They had sealed the pavers and mildew spores that were left were trapped under the sealer making it impossible to remove without having the entire deck stripped of the sealer. The company did a great job on the driveway and the area where the sun hits the deck, but where it is in the shade most of the day it still had moisture trapped in the pavers. A solution for that senerio is a really difficult task and labor intensive; you would have to remove all the pavers and reclean them and set the pavers in direct sun for 6 hours to have full evaporation or can be done easily by cleaning and sealing before the pavers are laid down in areas like that.

The other one was a past customer of mine who had me clean her pool enclosure in 2009 and then last year a neighborhood kid decided to start a pressure cleaning business and got in over his head like many do when they think that it is an easy job for some quick cash when it is actually labor intensive, a lot of maintenance, a lot of overhead and you need a lot of experience to make it in this business. I make it look easy since it is second nature to me and I have been doing this since 1998, but I had to learn first from working for someone who knew what they were doing working my way up by cleaning some very complex structures. Needless to say the kid wrecked her pavers by blowing out all of the joint sand by pressure washing it with a high pressure tip as well as the driveway and sidewalks plus did not use any type of treatment so you can see where he had cleaned it with a wand, you can see the pattern that he made very well. I treat every surface I clean because I want it to last long and when it starts to get dirty again it comes backs evenly. The kid decided that pressure washing was not the best idea for him as a business venture.

The Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing industry is probably the last type of business you want to start in this economy unless you buy a well established business you will not make it. I got in this business when there were maybe 40 pressure cleaning business’/Roof cleaning business’ in the Central Florida/Greater Orlando Area. Now there are over 400 and only 10% are well qualified to clean your home or business so be careful who you hire these days because most new guys are not even experienced and worse not insured. If they ask for a check in their name or take cash only that is a good sign, and I understand that saving money is very important to everyone and going cheap is a quick fix but can cost you more than you think. So be careful who you hire.

Orlando Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning OrlandoPressure Washing OrlandoOrlando Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Pressure CleaningSafe Roof Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Safe Roof CleaningEco Friendly Roof CleaningEnvironmentally Safe
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