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Pressure Cleaning tips to homeowners..

Orlando Florida Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. 407-415-3419 – or for a fast free quote, email us at www.tropicalroofandexterior.com and look for the envelope at the top of the page and click it! Also check out our frequently updated Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tropical-Roof-and-Exterior-Cleaning-Systems/142182342502994?v=wall 

Orlando Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing all other surfaces safely without any damages and you will have long lasting results since we always use cleaning solutions with all of our cleaning services not plain water.

Here are a few tips for homeowners to prevent certain stains that will not come off with cleaning…

Floor mats: I have noticed over the past 14 years that certain floor mats always leave a stain on painted decks and entrys by front doors due to the material they are made from. Black rubber mats are the worst since they act kind of like a tire peeling out on pavement, when you come inside you wipe your feet over and over and the mat leaves black marks. Another thing is moisture under the mats, when you have your deck or entry cleaned always make sure it is dry before replacing the mats. We do not leave mats rolled up because we forget, we do it so it will not leave a stain. Use mats that are made from other materials besides black rubber.

Iron Patio Furniture: If you plan on or have iron patio furniture it is a good idea to purchase plastic tabs for the legs and feet of the furniture so that the furniture will not leave rust stains on the deck or pavers. Use an adhesive to hold them on so that they do not come off easy. It will save you from having to replace or recoat your deck or patio.

Potted Plants: Years of cleaning decks and other flat surfaces I have seen it all, I have seen decks ruined from potted plants being set flat on the decks and circles of stains from the potted plants especially clay and metal pots. What you can do is put them on rollers or on plastic shims to keep the pots up off the deck about an inch so that the deck can dry properly under the pots and will not leave stains.

Gutter Downspouts: If you have gutters on your home and have a downspout that runs onto your driveway try and devert it away from the driveway or pavers so that it will not erode away the surface from constant water and also another benefit is that it will prevent moldy black stuff from accumulating in those areas.

Armor All Tire Wet: If you have a concrete driveway and have areas that are white on the driveway that are visible especially after having it cleaned it is armor all stains and they will not come off. If you decide to use armor all on your tires do it in the street or put cardboard under the tires and do not spray it on, use an application pad to apply.

Vines and Mud Dauber Nests: If you see vines starting to grow on your exterior pull them off asap because once they root in they will leave little black spots everywhere and cannot be removed by cleaning without damaging the paint. Mud Dauber nests are a common occurrance on many homes and if not removed quickly they will almost always leave a stain behind since the mud they use has had time to set in on your paint and will not come off.

I hope this information helps you out, and when the time comes for a roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, pool deck cleaning, driveway and sidewalk cleaning or a paver seal give us a call and we will take good care of you like the thousands of customers we have serviced over the past decade and a half.

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Orlando Pressure Cleaning | Orlando Safe Roof Cleaning


Roof Cleaning Service Orlando, Pressure Cleaning Service Orlando, Paver Sealing Orlando, Gutter Cleaning Orlando and Tile Roof Restoration Orlando. Tropical’s cleaning services include “Safe” No Pressure Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Screen Enclosure Cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Wood and Vinyl Fence Cleaning, Full Service Gutter Cleaning and more..

Call 407-415-3419 or see www.tropicalroofandexterior.com for a lot of info!

Our other services include Paver Sealing and Tile Roof Painting and Restoration plus we also work with many other contractors who paint, install gutters, re-screen specialists and more so ask us who we recommend and give them a try.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT! I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS TODAY: I did a pool enclosure cleaning today on my last job and I was thinking about what the lady had asked me while doing the qoute. (She asked if the screens can be cleaned or did she need to replace them) and I told her I can get them looking brand new. She lost hope in her screens and might have spent a few thousand getting a rescreen instead of a clean. It came out looking perfect as always and she was happy with the results. So before you replace dirty screens call us first to see if they can be cleaned. I have cleaned hundreds of pool enclosures over the last 14 years and they all come out the same.. Clean! So many different sizes and scenerios it has become one of my favorite things to clean. I love the results and I love the compliments I get from homeowners.

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Pressure Washing Orlando / Orlando Roof Cleaning

Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. We service all of Central Florida including Orlando, Kissimmee, Deltona, Clermont, Leesburg, Titusville and everything between.

For a fast free over the phone or in person “No Obligation” written estimate call 407-415-3419 or www.tropicalroofandexterior.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Since we are a small family business we may not get to the phone right away since we are usually cleaning a home or business, but if you leave a message we will return your call promptly or if you email us we will get back to you faster at info@tropicalroofandexterior.com and leave your name, phone number, a message that contains what you would like to have serviced and we can almost always do it with our building specs program that gives every detail of your home or business’ actual square footage and other details. There are times though where we will have to come out to look at a property personally.

Roof Cleaning should never be done by pressure washing. The only way that any roof should be cleaned is with a soft chemical cleaning process and rinsed only with a waterhose from a standard water spigot.

Pressure Washing all other surfaces is actually not the stereotypical blast stuff off with water deal. There is a process that we use that involves the use of pressure washing. But our machines are equipped with an injection system and custom application and rinse tips so that there will be no damaging pressure as well as we use only double steel braided mark free hoses so you never have black or blue marks that rub against your home or business’ exterior. The way it works: I will say it in easier terms, apply the solution to the surface then switch tips and run until fresh water comes out then rinse and is done in sections. No getting up close and blasting stuff off just a spray and rinse. Why did we switch to using pressure washers for all other cleanings except roofs? Because, you can get more cleaned safely and the solution is controlled to an exact mix and no guessing what is in the tank. We used to do it the way of the ducks but found it to be more of a problem than a solution since you may have a 20-30 percent solution and you end up with dead plants or plants that are severely damaged as well as areas that could not be reached or rinsed thoroughly with a water hose.

Driveway and Walkway Cleaning is done with a surface cleaner not an orbital tip or a wand. We clean the entire surface first, then we rinse off all dirt, mildew and other contaminants that were on the surface and then apply a light solution to prevent fast regrowth and give a long lasting even cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning is always a full service. It includes hand or vac cleaning the gutters out (not blowing out leaves with a pressure washer or blower all over your lawn and shrubs) and then the debris is bagged in 3 MIL contractor bags and disposed of by us at our facility.

So if you want great service that is thorough and dependable give us a try!

Also ask about all our other services…

Orlando Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning OrlandoPressure Washing OrlandoOrlando Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Pressure CleaningSafe Roof Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Safe Roof CleaningEco Friendly Roof CleaningEnvironmentally Safe
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Orlando Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Orlando by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems providing Safe NO PRESSURE Roof Cleaning services serving all of Greater Orlando and Surrounding areas. Safely cleaning tile, shingle, slate, metal, terra cotta and cedar shake roofs without the use of pressure washing which pressure washing will ultimately cause leaks from water intrusion from the high pressure that is used and it will shorten the life in your roof by 10 years in one cleaning and it will not last for no more than 6 months before you have to clean it again.

Tropical’s Roof Cleaning process is a safe non pressure chemical roof cleaning alternative that is safe for plants, pets and people. The myths that chemical roof cleaning is bad for plants; stems from inexperienced roof cleaners that use very high concentrations of roof cleaning chemicals and not enough water to rinse off landscaping. Also they rely on plastic coverings so they rinse very little and never rinse the roof when finished. We never have to use plastic coverings for plants since plastic can also cause plants to become over heated from becoming too hot under the plastic sheeting creating a mini green house effect we also never have to use plastic coverings since we use the exact right mix ratio to effectively and efficiently clean your roof, plus we keep your landscape cool and fresh by continuously rinsing with water while the cleaning solution is being applied, we rinse off the roof with a water hose and rinse the plants again. We have never damaged landscaping from our roof cleaning or exterior cleaning process. After doing this for 14 years we know what to do in every situation.

For a FREE ROOF CLEANING quote call 407-415-3419 or you can visit our website at www.tropicalroofandexterior.com for before and after photos, how our process works and other information.

Chemical Roof Cleaning is a very affordable investment that will give you many benefits including the removal of toxic mildew from your roof, curb appeal by making your roof look like new, it will extend the life you have in your roof by removing destructive mildew and many other benefits. For an average 2000 sqft home with a shingle roof it will cost only $250.00 – $275.00 to have a roof cleaned that will stay clean for many years unlike pressure washing that will only last a few months as well as destroy your roof which is a waste of money.

Don’t be fooled by these other “NEW” roof cleaning products you see at your local home improvement store or you find online for the do it yourselfer. You will spend more in time and money when you could have had a professional do it for you, plus you are putting yourself in danger by doing it yourself by climbing on ladders and walking on your roof without the experience that we have from years and years of walking all types of roofs.

We also safely clean exteriors, screen enclosures, driveways, sidewalks, fences, walls, patio furniture, pool decks, awnings, seal pavers and offer full service gutter cleaning, our gutter cleaning cleaning service does not leave a mess behind like others who just blow leaves and debris in your yard. We actually vac or hand clean all the debris, bag all debris with 3 mil contractor bags and flush out all down spouts to ensure proper flow and dispose of the debris at our facility not your curbs.

Our services are for both commercial and residential roof cleaning and exterior cleaning. We have thousands of references and you are a guaranteed repeat customer once you have used us.

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Pressure Cleaning – Who to hire tips..

Orlando Pressure Cleaning and Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems.. also cleaning exteriors, driveway and walks, pavers, pool enclosures and decks, wood and vinyl fences, brick wall cleaning, boat dock cleaning and sealing, painting, paver sealing and more. Serving all commercial and residential properties, we are fully licensed and insured plus we are Florida Workers Comp compliant.

www.tropicalroofandexterior.com or call 407-415-3419 for a free consultation!

When most people look into having their home or business’ roof, exterior or other surfaces cleaned they think pressure cleaning. But what most people are not educated on is who to hire and why. There are different ways to clean each surface correctly and incorrectly. Here is what I have noticed over the last decade and a half.

More people now know that pressure cleaning a roof is wrong and that it is very destructive whether it is tile, shingle, slate, metal or cedar shake even at the lowest pressure settings on a pressure washer. Still there are companies that still practice this method of roof cleaning which are usually new start up gigs that never last long, and homeowners and business owners that buy into pressure cleaning their roofs still; only to find out later that their warranty has been voided and the damage is irreversible. They can’t get the companies insurance to pay since they (the cleaning company) is out of business.

The proper companies to hire are companies who only use non pressure methods by using chemical roof cleaning and only rinsing off with a water hose. If they say that they do that and show up to clean your roof and fire up a pressure washer after applying a product to your roof, YOU the HOMEOWNER have the legal right to stop them from continuing and pay them nothing. Why? They made a false pretensious sale by lying and that legally voids even a signed contract. So be sure to hire a well known or certified roof cleaner like me at Tropical or any other company that only practices Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning.

Read this Post; http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/t45177008/manufacturers-suggest-1-way-to-clean-roofs-chlorine-no-after/

Now for exteriors, screen enclosures, walls, fences and painted flat surfaces pressure cleaning is still an accepted method. IF done properly by first applying a chemical solution and rinsing gently with the use of either a water hose or a pressure washer. The stereotypical picture you may invision of pressure cleaning is a contractor blasting off stuff with a high pressure fan tip waving it side to side and up and down to clean your home or business which is still used today only for paint preps not for basic cleaning and maintanence. That method is so outdated for cleaning that if you hire someone and notice they are doing it stop them immediatly!

The way that I prefer to clean those surfaces is by using a pressure washer with a chemical injection setup and custom made application tips and rinse tips not the stock tips that come with the pressure washer when it was purchased, I usually throw those in the trash or leave them with the dealer. I have 3 different application tips with a wide orface to allow the injection system to let the concentrated cleaning solution to mix with the water being fed through the hose and the rinse tips are smaller orfaced to cut off the circulation of chemical and allows only fresh water to pass for rinsing. I have 2 rinse tips one I have is worth $50.00 for just the tip alone and it is a high reaching stream/fan tip that can clean a 3 story building from the ground. Another reason I use this method is because I know exactly what percent I am spraying at all times which is 12.5% chemical and 87.5% water. Now, about the other correct method I (used) to use is by spraying a solution on with a 12 volt pump and rinsing with a water hose and I still use this method by request only. I do not prefer this method because it is time consuming, you can’t get mud dauber and wasp nests down easily with a waterhose especially if the house has very little water pressure and lastly you never really know if you are spraying too hot or too weak. I rather know for sure.

Now on concrete and pavers. There are 2 ways to clean these correctly and both ways involve using chemical. First, I will explain my way and then the other way I used to do it and why and the wrong way.

On non painted, non sealed or non coated surfaces I always pressure clean them using a surface cleaner first, then I rinse off the entire surface and apply a (LIGHT SOLUTION) to kill any reminents of the mildew spores and remove acorn and other growth stains. The reason for the light solution after cleaning? Grass along the edges of driveways and sidewalks and to make sure that the cleaning lasts a long time. Not a few months but for a few years. Note: it also depends on the shade and weather conditions but even then my process lasts 10 times longer than conventional pressure washing.

The second correct way I used to use is the spray it HOT! and let the rain wash it away method. I stopped using this method mainly because people want instant results and grass edges would get burned slightly due to the higher concentration of chemicals since lighter mixes take forever to get results and I had to waste gas by going back to touch up spots.

I also have seen the wrong way A LOT!! Everywhere I go I critique others work that I see around Central Florida during my schedules or on homes that I am there to do some cleaning for since the last guy did not make a happy customer. I can tell when a wand and fan tip was used, an orbital tip was used, and a surface cleaner was used since the pattern they took to clean it is visible. Why? They just used water, water has no cleaning or mildew spore killing properties and even though it may look clean once it is finished it will start coming back in as little as 3 weeks! 3 weeks of a clean driveway for the same price or maybe a little more for a driveway that stays clean for 2 to 3 years?? Make sure they use chemicals when they clean your driveway and sidewalks so you don’t waste your money. The guy who did your driveway and left lines everywhere probably bought pawn shop gear and just needed some quick cash so beware.

I hope that this Blog on pressure cleaning helps you find the right company to serve your exterior cleaning needs and if you would like a Free Consultation from me call (Jeff Worth) me anytime at 407-415-3419 or visit my website for more information at www.tropicalroofandexterior.com

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Tile Roof Cleaning Orlando

Orlando Tile Roof Cleaning by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems, serving Orlando and all surrounding areas. Other services are Shingle Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning, Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning, Pool Enclosure and Pool Deck Cleaning, Paver Sealing, Tile Roof Painting and Restoration, Gutter Cleaning, Patio Furniture Cleaning and more. Services are for Commercial and Residential properties.

www.tropicalroofandexterior.com or 407-415-3419 for a free consultation

Tile Roof Cleaning requires no damaging high pressure or even the use of a pressure washer in any way what so ever. The way Tropical cleans tile roofs and shingle roofs is how the roofing manufacturer recommends it. It is a light blend of safe solutions applied with an electric 12v pump and rinsed off with a waterhose. It is that safe for your roof no matter the material it is made of.

Our roof cleanings last for up to 5 years and longer depending on the conditions since our solutions actually kill the mildew that is infesting and slowly destroying your roof instead of blasting it off with water and high pressure. Since 1998 we have cleaned thousands of roofs all over Florida with no issues and we have many satisfied customers.

I am a certified master roof cleaner with 14 years under my belt and I can guarantee that no matter how bad your roof looks, it will look brand new when we are finished. No plant damage, no property damage and no mess left behind.

Orlando Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning OrlandoPressure Washing OrlandoOrlando Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Pressure CleaningSafe Roof Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Safe Roof CleaningEco Friendly Roof CleaningEnvironmentally Safe
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Roof Cleaning Orlando and Kissimmee

Orlando Safe No Pressure Roof Cleaning by Tropical Roof and Exterior Cleaning Systems. Orlando Pressure Washing, Orlando Gutter Cleaning, Orlando Paver Sealing and so much more.. Call us today at 407-415-3419 or visit www.tropicalroofandexterior.com

Today we cleaned some tile roofs in Kissimmee and made some new happy long time clients. We provide roof cleaning services and pressure washing services in Kissimmee Florida too! We have been since we started and have many loyal customers there who love our work. We are not just contained to cleaning homes and business’ in Greater Orlando, we have traveled or we will sub out work in South Florida, Tampa and North Panhandle of Florida depending on the size of work and our availability. The cleaning companies that we sub our work to are the only companies we recommend because of their reputation and experience.

Tampa Florida contact Chris Tucker at Apple Roof Cleaning at 813-655-8777 or visit his site at www.saferoofcleaning.com trusted and professional his team will take good care of you, I promise!

Southwest Florida  contact Chuck Bergman at 941-698-1959 http://swfloridaroofrestoration.webs.com/ 30 plus years under his belt is “real” experience.

For North Florida and the Panhandle area Contact: Russ Spence at
Prokleen Powerwash at 251-222-3011 or www.prokleenpressurewashing.com

The reason I choose these companies to quote and service projects I can’t get to is my peace of mind. It is also my reputation on the line and I can’t justify calling some big corpoation who will just over price you and give you broken promises or the newbe in this business who thinks that this is a cake walk type job and take that chance. We have all earned our place in this industry by years and years of experience and proving ourselves by aquiring so many repeat customers in the roof cleaning and pressure washing industry.

This should take out the guess work and the idea of shopping around for the cheapest out there; the cheapest are cheap for a reason. No experience, no sales skill and they have to bid low to get work since they are usually desparate for work but in the end they never last and move on to other ventures.

For more cleaners in your area go to www.roofcleaningchemicals.com and click on your state and region. Plus read what there is to read and educate yourself on why and how we do things the way we do them.

Orlando Roof CleaningRoof Cleaning OrlandoPressure Washing OrlandoOrlando Pressure WashingPressure Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Pressure CleaningSafe Roof Cleaning OrlandoOrlando Safe Roof CleaningEco Friendly Roof CleaningEnvironmentally Safe
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